What’s the buzz about bees?

I want everyone to raise their hands up in the air if they have ever heard of the global bee decline. That’s what I thought. Not many of you even knew that the global population of honeybees and wild pollinators was experiencing a decline. But thats ok because as your local fairy-bee godmother and founder of Bee Kind Australia, I will provide you with all the facts about the global bee decline and ways you can help our Australian bees.

You might be wondering why we should even help the bees. “They’re just pests” you mutter under your breath as you are armed with a bug swatter in one hand and bug spray in the other, but bees are actually really important to our agricultural and natural ecosystems and should be revered, rather than feared. Honeybees are necessary to our survival as one third of our food supply depends on their pollination. Without them, we wouldn’t have the diversity in fruit and vegetables that we have today, and without wild pollinators we would experience a great loss in natural plant life. There is no single factor contributing to the global decline in honeybees and wild pollinators, but it can be linked to insecticides, fungicides, parasitic mites, environmental destruction and climate change.

Luckily Australia hasn’t greatly felt the impact of the decline yet. It is still important, however, to get stuck into helping the bees and wild pollinators today so if the time ever comes when they are threatened, we will have the solutions and initiatives already in place that will help their species thrive and grow.

#BeeKindToday and keep on following this page, as well as the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (linked in the sidebar) for facts about the global bee decline and ways you can help our Australian bees and wild pollinators.


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