PART ONE: Urban beekeeping – What is it?

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 2.13.38 pm

Urban beekeeping is steadily on the rise. But what is it, you ask? Well, as its name suggests, it is the practice of beekeeping in urban areas. But why would anyone want to keep bees in urban areas? I’ll tell you why.

People just like you are becoming more aware of the global bee decline and want to do something about it. They are turning to urban beekeeping to boost bee populations in their local area, to help bee populations become healthy again and to help the plant life in their urban environment. Bees that live in city apiaries (bee yard) are in fact healthier and more productive than bees found in the country. Their presence aids in the pollination of many different flowering plant species, and as a result of this, city dwellers can be surrounded by a lush and beautiful natural environment in their concrete world, and have a source of delicious natural honey for themselves or to sell to others.

Bees thrive in many different urban areas, such as in suburban backyards, community gardens, and rooftops of residences, schools or hotels. Urban beekeeping is both beneficial to the environment and economy, but also to yourself. It is a fulfilling and meditative practice where you have your own little natural sanctuary. Here, you feel rewarded for helping the bees but you also witness the great role bees play in our environment every day as they go out to forage for nectar and pollen and return to take care of their hive.

Urban beekeeping is easy enough for anyone to do, so join the movement of a return to self-sufficiency where you can help the environment, community and economy.

Stay tuned for part two of this post to learn how you can become an urban beekeeper!


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