Bee movies

I’ve searched far and wide to come up with this list of films about bees for all you film fanatics out there. These documentaries range from being light-hearted to serious, but all deal with the important role bees play in our environment.

More Than Honey (2012) 

Directed by Markus Imhoof, More Than Honey gives viewers an in-depth look into the world of honeybee colonies and their relationship with family and commercial beekeepers in California, Switzerland, China and Australia.

Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us? (2010)

Directed by Taggart Siegel, Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us is an unconventional documentary that takes you on a journey into the disappearance of bees and the mysterious world of the beehive. Using stories from beekeepers, scientists and philosophers, the problems and solutions for renewing our culture with the natural world of bees is revealed.

Vanishing of the Bees (2009)

Directed by Maryam Henein and George Langworthy, and narrated by Ellen Page, Vanishing of the Bees is a documentary that delves into the economic, political and ecological implications of the global decline of the honeybees as organic and commercial beekeepers try to fight against big corporations to save the bees.

The Last Beekeeper (2008)

Directed by Jeremy Simmons, The Last Beekeeper focuses on the lives of three commercial beekeepers in the US over the course of one year as they deal with Colony Collapse Disorder.

BONUS FILM: Bee Movie (2007)

Directed by Steve Hickner and Simon J. Smith, Bee Movie is an animation perfect if you want something light-hearted and fun. It follows honeybee Barry B. Benson (voiced by Jerry Seinfeld) as he sues humans after discovering they eat honey.